Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017

[HIForum] [Kolloquium] INVITATION: Informatics Colloquium Mo 19 June 2017, 17:15, B-201 "Adaptive Language Technologies" by Prof. Chris Biemann - Inaugural Lecture

This is an invitation to the next Informatics Colloquium on Monday, 19 June 2017, 17:15 s.t., Campus "Informatikum/Stellingen", Room B-201 (Konrad-Zuse lecture hall). The talk entitled "Adaptive Language Technologies" will be held by Prof. Dr. Chris Biemann, since October 2016 Professor for language technology at Universität Hamburg, department of informatics.


This inaugural lecture will be held in English. The colloquium committee is looking forward to seeing you all there and to sharing this talk with you. For details on the series of colloquiums planned, please visit  https://www.inf.uni-hamburg.de/home/kolloquium/sose17.html


On behalf of the colloquium committee

Stephanie Schulte Hemming

Universität Hamburg




Automatic natural language understanding enables natural communication with computers and computer-assisted access to the content of large document collections. While classical approaches to artificial intelligence anticipate all possible situations and interactions in form of a fully specified dialogue model or ontology, they are hard to adapt to new domains and do not cope well with language change. In this talk, I will motivate an adaptive, purely data-driven approach to natural language processing. Illustrated by recent research prototypes, three stages of data-driven adaptation will be illustrated: feature/resource induction, induction of processing components and continuous data-driven learning. Finally, I will discuss current research and future directions regarding the integration of symbolic and statistical knowledge, interpretability of language processing components as well as advanced forms of information access.



Chris Biemann obtained his doctorate in Computer Science / Natural Language Processing in 2007 from the University of Leipzig, before joining the San-Francisco-based semantic search startup Powerset, which was acquired by Microsoft to form the Bing.com search engine. In 2011, he got appointed as assistant professor for language technology in the computer science department at TU Darmstadt; since October 2016, Chris is professor for language technology at the University of Hamburg. His current research is focused on adaptive natural language processing in the cognitive computing paradigm, web-scale statistical semantic methods, machine learning from crowdsourcing signals and on applications in the humanities and social sciences.



Prof. Dr. Tilo Böhmann, ITMC