Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017

[HIForum] [Kolloquium] INVITATION: Informatics Colloquium Mo 22 May 2017, 17:15, B-201 "Signal Processing for Speech Enhancement" by Prof. Dr. Timo Gerkmann

This is an invitation to the next Informatics Colloquium on Monday, 22 May 2017, 17:15 s.t., Campus "Informatikum/Stellingen", Room B-201 (Konrad-Zuse lecture hall). The talk entitled "Signal Processing for Speech Enhancement" will be held by Prof. Dr. Timo Gerkmann, since August 2016 Professor of Signal Processing at Universität Hamburg, department of informatics.
This talk will be held in English. The colloquium committee is looking forward to seeing you all there and to sharing this talk with you. For details on the series of colloquiums planned, please visit  https://www.inf.uni-hamburg.de/home/kolloquium/sose17.html
On behalf of the colloquium committee
Stephanie Schulte Hemming
Universität Hamburg
Speech is arguably the most natural and important means for human communication. In recent years, speech has become more and more feasible and important also for human-computer interaction. As many speech communications devices like smartphones and hearing aids are portable or even wearable, they are frequently used in very noisy environments such as crowded restaurants, busy streets, or in a cafeteria. However, the noise and reverberation in such environments may make speech communication difficult or even impossible.

In the Signal Processing (SP) group, we focus on audio signal processing and in particular aim at making speech communication work more robustly in noisy and reverberant environments. To achieve this, we combine prior knowledge about the signal (e.g. speech), the environment (e.g. the room) and the sink (e.g. the human ear) with rigorous mathematical optimization procedures. In this talk, we will introduce the general concepts used for signal enhancement and highlight our recent contributions.
* since September 2016: Professor of Signal Processing, Universität Hamburg
* 2015-2016: Principal Scientist Audio & Acoustics, Technicolor Research & Innovation
* 2011-2015: Juniorprofessor of Speech Signal Processing, Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all, Universität Oldenburg
* 2010-2011: Postdoctoral Researcher, Sound and Image Proc. Lab, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
* 2005-2010: PhD Student, Institute of Communication Acoustics, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
* 2005: Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ, USA
Prof. Dr. Tilo Böhmann, ITMC


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