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[HIForum] [Kolloquium] REMINDER: "UHH Informatik Kolloquium" Mo 19.12.2016, 17:15, B-201 Prof. Mathias Fischer (ISS) Antrittsvorlesung

Dear All,

May we kindly remind you of the „UHH Informatik Kolloquium" today,
19.12.2016 at 17:15 (B-201). The colloquium committee is looking forward
to sharing this talk with you.

Best regards
On behalf of the colloquium committee
Stephanie Schulte Hemming

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Betreff: [Fbi-alle] [Kolloquium] INVITATION to the "UHH Informatik
Kolloquium" Mo 19.12.2016, 17:15, B-201 Prof. Mathias Fischer (ISS)

This is an invitation to the next "UHH Informatik Kolloquium³


Prof. Dr. Mathias Fischer - Antrittsvorlesung
Research Group IT-Security and Security Management (ISS)
Department of Informatics
Universität Hamburg


Monday, 19.12.2016, 17:15


Informatikum, Room B-201 Konrad-Zuse-Hörsaal


TOPIC: Security Monitoring - from intrusion detection to botnets -


This talk will be held in English or German, according to preference


Attacks on IT systems increasingly threaten modern societies. As there
will be always successful attacks, it is important to have security
monitoring as a second line of defense in place. Only when attacks are
detected early on and countermeasures are enforced immediately, the
resulting damage can be minimized. Starting with an overview on my current
research on security monitoring, the talk will put a special emphasis on
the monitoring of P2P-based botnets. Each Botnet can easily comprise up to
millions of infected machines and they threaten the Internet ecosystem.
They are involved in many cyber-crime activities, such as the theft of
banking credentials or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.
Current botnets show a high level of self-organization and are highly
resilient against any takedown attempts. The talk will shine a light on
the botnet ecosystem and will present recent approaches to monitor them.


Mathias Fischer is an assistant professor at the University Hamburg since
September 2016. Before that, he was an assistant professor at the
University Münster (2015-16), a Postdoc at the International Computer
Science Institute (ICSI)/ UC Berkeley (2014-15), and Postdoc at the Center
for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) / TU Darmstadt from
(2012-14). His research interests encompass IT and network security,
resilient distributed systems, network monitoring, and botnets. Mathias
received a PhD in 2012 and a diploma in computer science in 2008, both
from TU Ilmenau.


Prof. Dr. Hannes Federrath

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