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[HIForum] [Kolloquium] Invitation to the "UHH Informatik Kolloquium" Mo 14.11.16, 17:15, B-201, Prof. Dr. Simone Frintrop, Antrittsvorlesung

This is an invitation to the next "UHH Informatik Kolloquium³


Prof. Dr. Simone Frintrop - Antrittsvorlesung
Computer Vision (CV), HCC
Department of Informatics
Universität Hamburg


Monday, 14.11.2016, 17:15


Informatikum, Room B-201 Konrad-Zuse-Hörsaal


TOPIC: Cognitive Computer Vision for Mobile Systems


This talk will be held in English or German, according to preference


The amount of digital images in our daily live has grown exponentially
during the last years, cameras are low-cost sensors which are present
everywhere, and billions of images are daily shared on social media. Also
the industrial interest in methods for digital image and video processing
is increasing strongly. As a consequence, the need for algorithms that
automatically improve, analyze, and
interpret images also rises more and more. Fortunately, the research field
of computer vision has also advanced strongly during the last decade and
many things which were not feasible a few years ago are suddenly
achievable. However, when it comes to seemingly simple daily live
questions such as "how many objects are on this table?", current systems
reach their limits and it shows that the human visual system still
outperforms machines clearly.

In my research group, we focus on biologically inspired methods for
computer vision. That means, we develop algorithms that follow mechanisms
of human vision, outgoing from psychophysical and neurobiological
findings. Topics of our research include the detection of saliency in
images and the discovery of objects. We focus on methods for mobile
systems, such as wearable cameras or autonomous service robots.


Since March 2016: Professor of Computer Vision at the department of
informatics, Universität Hamburg
2015-2016: Privatdozentin (lecturer) at the university of Bonn
2014: Habilitation at the university of Bonn
2006-2016: Senior researcher at the university of Bonn.
2005-2006: Postdoc at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in
Stockholm. Member of the EU project Neurobotics
2005: Defense of my PhD thesis with the topic: "VOCUS: A Visual Attention
System for Object Detection and Goal-directed Search", supervisor: Joachim
2002-2005: PhD student at the Fraunhofer Institute of Autonomous
Intelligent Systems (AIS, later renamed to IAIS). Member of the EU project
2001: Diploma in computer science at the university of Bonn. Topic of
diploma thesis: "Robuste Roboterlokalisierung mit omnidirektionaler
Bildsensorik³. Supervisor: Joachim Hertzberg


Prof. Dr. Ingrid Schirmer

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