Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

[HIForum] [Kolloquium] Reminder: "UHH Informatik Kolloquium" - Prof. Dr. Paris Avgeriou 10.10.2016, 17:15, D-125

Dear All,

The informatics colloquium of today with Prof. Dr. Paris Avgeriou will be held in
room D-125 starting 17:15. The Colloquium Committee is looking forward to
sharing this talk with you.

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On behalf of the Colloquium Committee
Stephanie Schulte Hemming

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Betreff: [Fbi-alle] [Kolloquium] Invitation to the next "UHH Informatik Kolloquium" - Prof. Dr. Paris Avgeriou 10.10.2016, 17:15, D-125

This is an invitation to the next "UHH Informatik Kolloquium"

Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science 
University of Groningen, The Netherlands


Monday, 10.10.2016, 17:15

Informatikum, D-125



Making architecture design decisions in practice


This talk will be held in English


The importance of architecture design decisions in software engineering has been highlighted over the past ten years, where a significant amount of research has been done. Several methods, models and tools have been proposed and the state of research reflects mature knowledge on the theory behind architecture design decisions. Still, the state of practice lags behind significantly, as industry is reluctant to adopt the proposed technologies mainly because of the involved cost. In this talk, we will focus on addressing this problem through pragmatic, evidence-based and tool-supported approaches to assist architects in making architecture design decisions within the complex realities of industry.


Dr. Paris Avgeriou is Professor of Software Engineering in the Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Groningen, the Netherlands where he has led the Software Engineering research group since September 2006. Before joining Groningen, he was a post-doctoral Fellow of the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM). He has participated in a number of national and European research projects directly related to the European industry of Software-intensive systems. He has co-organized several international conferences and workshops (mainly at the International Conference on Software Engineering - ICSE). He sits on the editorial board of IEEE Software and Springer Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming (TPLOP). He has edited special issues in IEEE Software, Elsevier Journal of Systems and Software and Springer TPLOP. He has published more than 130 peer-reviewed articles in international journals, conference proceedings and books. His research interests lie in the area of software architecture, with strong emphasis on architecture modeling, knowledge, evolution, patterns and link to requirements. He champions the evidence-based paradigm in Software Engineering research.


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